Character Discussion Why did Oda made Sanji say these?

He doesn't care much about him.
IDK why even he made Sanji making an excuse of not liking it, now which is a much more dangerous situation but was fine when fighting against P1 just to hide his identity. :whitepress:
It will now feel like he got the excuse that oh, I did not want to take this power...I just don't have a choice. This is just bad for me. Just say thanks dad and move on already oda/sanji, I don't like the whole germa/RS/lineage factor BS anyway, its main purpose just seems to be giving Sanji a PU.
I may be wrong, but oda made zoro and Luffy way too strong for sanji to keep up with them. And oda wanted to sanji to keep up with them but thought raid suit isnt enough and had to pull this too
I may be wrong tho
Why did oda made sanji say: " if im getting stronger i wont do it by relying on raid suit and science"
when his PU was going to be with both of these things
Why he had sanji say "he'd use raid suit if that means he is protecting lives and will swallow his pride for this."
But then again we see him not use it vs Queen no matter what happens.
Does oda like to just troll sanji ?
just coz the character says it doesn't mean it won't or will happen.. its all out to whatever oda does with him and he chooses sanji to use RS if it means saving others when it usually isn't.. but he can't deny the side effects wearing it can he now.. he did not know the caveats.. so oda has set this up for a reason for sanji to become conflicted with a certain reality of his past and reconcile with it.. if you understand what narrative progression means that is ( in a nutshell oda does his thing to enhance or resolve plots etc)

and sanji didn't need his RS to save anyone anyway against Queen so asking why didn't he use it against him is redundant.. i mean queen had to use a choke hold to even come near giving him enough reason but sanji insisted not to.
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its like asking.. why did oda kill ace if Luffy said he'll save him..

the answer is.. the nibba doesn't have the pen of his progression in his hand that's why..
his brothers didn't need the suits to trigger their powers only sanji did
Yeah i know what you are saying, but im saying like none of them wear that as kid so maybe it was not suited for kids? And judge probably didnt want to wait like several years to trigger sanji's body.
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and sanji didn't need his RS to save anyone anyway against Queen so asking why didn't he use it against him is redundant..
I mean chooper is dying if sanji lose against Queen... So yeah even if you dont count the samurais, there is at least one important person for sanji that will die if Sanji loses to Queen.
For me, It would have been better if Sanji got some haki bloom instead. Now the durability boost with RS and exoskeleton he doesn't really need to be a master in CoO.
But even so, i still like the stealth of RS.
Why everyone in this forum always says things like "Oda did this or Oda did that, Oda made someone do this, Oda ....." He is the author and creator, everything obviously happen bc he wants them to happen. People act like he is a lunatic who tries to corrupt the perfect ideal characters of one piece. The whole point to any fiction story is to ignore the writer-creator and see the characters as indepedent entities who have free will.
To conclude, Oda didnt make Sanji do anything. Sanji did it on his own.