Speculations Why didn’t BM have any Mink children?

We haven’t received any confirmation but I honestly believe the Charlotte Decuplets are half-human, half dog minks.
In the manga they have dots for noses that look like snouts, they don’t in the anime but maybe that got lost in adaptation. I think it makes sense though, imagine the ten of them being born all at once like a litter of puppies. Would make so much sense!
@Fuckthis3 this is your time to shine.

Anyway, Oda won't draw anything that's too disturbing for a manga that's for 12 years old imo.
Yet he had Big Mom fuck a fish and a 2 inch tall dwarf. When you think about it, given how big BM is and how small a Tontatta is, it probably would have had to crawl into her pussy in order to impregnate her