Powers & Abilities Why didn't kamusari cut Oden?

Something that's always sort of bothered me was this specific attack from Roger. Rather than being a normal air slash, it seems like an attack that does blunt damage and knockback. Is it farfetched to say that some characters can "launch" their conquerors haki?

P.S. This isn't a Mihawk V.S. Shanks thread or a copium thread, I'm genuinely trying to figure something out.

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Because he didn't want to. A skills swordsman cuts what they want to cut.

That's was just Roger testing Oden. He needed a strong attack because Oden is strong but Rogers didn't need one with alot of cutting power since he wants Oden to join his crew.
True. It's possible that it's related to the breath of all things and after all, Roger wasn't trying to kill anyone in this battle.
because oda wanted to show the difference between roger and oden , a slash which slices oden and oden gets up from that in seconds wont be as much overwhelming as launching an opponent way further away + u need space for roger vs wb clash
I wonder who should get more credit here for that attack responsible for sending Oden flying. Roger or the power of his supreme grade sword Ace. Back to the question i think Roger just wanted to test him not cut him to pieces here