Current Events Why do people think Kaido and BM will lose on the roof?

Will the yonko lose in Act 3?

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if they do not fall then the capital is toast.
there is also very little chance for the alliance to bounce back if they fail now.

well, its writing. theres always a way to write it, obviously, but I doubt it.
this is it.
This isn't the final battle, that roof isn't going to last for very long anymore with the characters on it and the true final battle against Kaido will happen on Wano mainland.
Besides of that we have also to see Kaido or Big Mom turn on the other Yonko as not so subtly foreshadowed so many times since they joined forces with each other.
I agree, but i think Big mom will be dealt with in this round. I feel like she'll get knocked on her head so hard that she reverts back to O-lin.