Why do we discriminate against gold diggers?

Because what gold diggers love is the money not the person. If said gold digger loved the person then maybe they wouldn't have a bad reputation.
Gold diggers have a bad reputation of only being in relationships "for the money" however what is bad about that?

As a male if a female or even fellow man offered me a nice sum of money as long as I am in a relationship with them, you could bet I'd be living over the moon
I usually enter relationship due to physical qualities of the opposite sex, but i will absolutely maintain the relationship if she have great attitude, fun to be with, make an effort to maintain the relationship with me, so those attitude stuff don't depend on money. So i feel underappreciated if she stays for the money, since it means she doesnt have the will to struggle or make an effort alongside me in our journey...something like that.
It’s a shallow reason to get in a relationship, same way we shame people who only care about looks
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Wanting someone for their money isn't really a relationship that'll thrive. I mean if you're actually looking for a meaningful satisfying and fulfilling relationship. If you just want sex in exchange for money then sure. Pay the prostitute to date you
If you are in a relationship with someone who loves only your money and not you, why would you be with them in a relationship to begin with? She doesn’t love you, but what you have. If your money is gone, so will she. The ones who really love you will always stay with you, no matter how tough the times might be.

Why is that even a question?