Speculations Why do you believe Kaido and Big Mom is dead?

Big mom is the only one I would want to see again( properly this time and not w7th the shit wano writing). Frankly, young BM even gave the SH vibes in the flashback so a clone would also be welcomed.
Kaido was a bad written character that was a waste of space and should be forgotten.


Heavy Metal
Dude if there are 9+5 (Gorosei + Holy knight) yonkou level characters , who tf is gonna take them down?
+ Imu.
So i would expect:

Imu - Luffy
Saturn - Eustass Kid
Mars - Buggy (+ Crew, Crocodile, Mihawk...)
Warcury - Law
Nusjuro - Zoro
Peter - Sanji

Holy Knights:
1. Killer
2. Bepo
3. Nami
4. Robin
5. Jinbei
6. Franky
7. Chopper
8. Brook
9. Usopp

Would make sense in my opinion.
Even if Kaido were to come back, Luffy would probably be much stronger by the time they met again. I don’t see him being any more of a threat than he was during Wano.

As for Big Mom, it’s not clear as to what happened to her either. I’d be fine if she actually did die, but Oda created a possibility for her to return without it being conclusive.

I find the latter to be more likely, but Oda would need a good reason to. I don’t want them turning into allies.
Because they got defeated, their bodies were weakened and they were exhausted of their haki then put in a boiling vat of magma and have not been heard of for weeks.

not to mention their stories are over and serve no purpose in returning
Oda went out of his way to let them perish by a natural force instead of another character.
I doubt he would go there if he did not plan for them to stay dead.
At first I was really expecting BM to survive Wano and come back to Elbaf as she still has business there. Now I really doubt it.
Their ending seemed to be final.
Same as with Kidd, I can't believe Kaido is dead either until we get full confirmation his devil fruit is back in circulation.
There's also the fact that Luffy never kills his opponents.
They have fallen in a lava pit like 4 weeks ago in the in world time, how they would survive?

Also, plotwise, they have a clear part to play in the story, to be New World versions of Moria/Crocodile/Enel, big villains, but not the ones related to the core plots of the story like Teach and Imu.
The only actual death we've seen always happen to be in an overly dramatic way. Roger, Bellemere, Whitebeard, Rosinate, Oden, Cobra, Noland, Otohime, Clover, Olvia, Pedro, Ashura and Ginny's death were over the top dramatic.
Bro missed a whole ass anouncement by Momoron and a literal volcanic explosion. :gokulaugh:

Compared to Big Mom and Kaido, it looks like they were just like other defeated pirates that got beaten up and some that showed up later on. There were no dramatic effect when they were about to lose.
No dramatic effect how? Linlin cursed Roger and Kaido had his 3-page flashback before dying, dude. :suresure:
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The God Knights should be a Yonko equivalent.
Wtf? I hope you mean all of the God Knights is equivalent to 1 Yonko, right? :milaugh:

Otherwise, if you mean 1 God's Knight = 1 Yonko, then how will Luffy's side even win the war when the only three people there who will have beaten the Yonkos there are Luffy, Law, and Kidd? :emohiyo:
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Because durability monsters like Big Mom and Kaido aren't dying to magma.

But neither one should really come back, as their roles have been served.

I do fear Big Mom will definitely be back unfortunately.

With her, her role as an antagonist is done. I got a feeling we ain't done with O-Lin/personality switch just yet.
One small detail about BM is that, if Oda really wanted, he could have made clear that she died. Her children had her vivre card, after all. Pudding seemed to be one of the favored ones (maybe because she can create some nice sweets outside of her eyes) and should have one, but she was still unsure if BM was alive or dead.

To me this mean that Oda was still unsure at the time if he would bring her back or not (maybe because of the promise to end OP in 3 years that he stated at the time) but, considering how the releases and pace have slowed down, at this moment I think he will bring her back.
The volcano explosion quite obviously blew them both away. Don't be surprised when the next cover story is Kaido meeting Enel on the moon or something.