Future Events Why FKK will happen (Franky Killing Kaido).

First of all, Oda has foreshadowed it for years too like we we know Kaidou likes to drink and i think instead of cola, Franky will use kaidou's booze for superior beam and the beam is so strong it will ignite kaidou and thus destroy him. He even has the dragon tattoo too:

Franky is also a Kozuki Member as you clearly see from these evidence:

Franky also got CoC which makes sense since he's a Kozuki Member:

The anime/manga has shown Franky's recent Wano Design and it looks quite similar to you know who don't you think?

Franky also got the moon symbols too:

Franky = Tiger. And we all know that tigers and dragons are enemies so that also means Franky will kill Kaido.

Franky got Anti Kaido Weapons????? Nope. HE IS THE ANTI KAIDO WEAPON!

People say "oh franky doesn't have any Haki and ain't strong" bitch he got Ryou since Dressrosa:

Kaido is also copying Franky's move too which is pretty sad considering it's still weaker than Franky's move:

But yeah that's about it. I can give you guys more evidence if you wanna know more but for now...... FKK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK ZKK!

That's some top level shit post Lmao

I am convinced
10 points for Slytherin for Originality.
Yeah i can see u crying to why there is no build up for sanji

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At least it makes more sense than Sanji killing Kaido lmao, dude helps ennemies by baking cakes instead of killing them :namiriously:

Franky should be FKBM and not FKK :pepedoffy:
Kaido's head means a lot in this Community :pepedoffy: