Character Discussion Why I still believe in Kuzan and Sakazuki.

Nope. Kizaru should be right there with them. From MF one could conclude Kuzan was the weakest and he still pushed Akainu to the limit. The C3 are closely knit, when all 3 of them were present in the biggest war Oda consistently handed Kizaru the slight edge over Aokiji in portrayal. Matchups tell the most in One Piece and it's no coincidence that Akainu was always matched up with the Captain's (WB, Shanks) and Kizaru with the RHM (Marco, Beckman) with Aokiji right there to choose from.

If Oda wanted to hammer home the fact that it was clearly Aokiji/Akainu and then a gap, that wouldn't have happened. Oda is very basic with matchups.
At mf aokiji didn't even fight seriously, he just used some ice attacks, but he was doubtful about what he was doing
I can accept that FA doesn't need extreme differences to defeat one of the 3 Admirals, but Akainu and Admirals won't have the same difference as Yonko and YC.
Kaido and BM can solo 3 of their commanders, can FA defeat the greatest force of the Marines in the face of 3 Admirals? :seriously:
Kizaru gives Akainu the same difficulty that Aokiji gave him, Oda's words. This Aokiji and Akainu being levels above Kizaru agenda doesn't work. :kobeha:
I believe at least Kizaru and Fuji are on the same level as them .

But regardless , Kizaru has been the closest one to being Akainu's 1stMate/Commander , so he could still get a lot of wank in the Final War .
Look at other groups' #2 wank - King was more durable than Kaido , Katakuri has FS/better CoO than BM , Shiryu's gonna be Oden lvl , and of course there are Zoro and Sabo who have received massive wanks
( blocking Hakai , scarring Kaido , injuring Fuji and overshadowing Dragon ) .

Either way i think Akainu and Aokiji can beat Kaido , at the very least Kizaru as their fellow OG Trio can do it as well if Fuji actually isn't exactly on their level .