Questions & Mysteries Why is Apoo not Tobiroppo already?

Why is Apoo not part of the Flying Six?

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We've been given the impression lately that Apoo, unlike Hawkins, was already part of Kaido's crew for some time. He led Kaido to Kid's base, he reported to Kaido that Jack went missing, and important to note that he already seems to be familiar with the Golden Festival. Maybe he has not been there as long as X-Drake who could have joined Kaido immediately after the time skip and served him for 2 years, but what about 1 year? Let's examine this exchange:

1.) Apoo is leading the parade of Numbers into Onigashima. Would Kaido just entrust any rookie Headliner with a task like that? Capone worked for a year under Big Mom and married into her family and climbed to the rank of Rook before he was given the privilege of running armed security at the wedding.

2.) Apoo seems to personally know what the Golden Festival is like. This celebration only happens once per year, there was likely only 2 Golden Festivals during the time skip and we are currently in the third one. Apoo is not talking about rumors he heard from other people, it seems like he has been there once before and had an amazing time. If Apoo had no idea what to expect, it is unlikely they would have chosen him as the DJ of the current jam.

3.) Apoo is on a first name basis with Kaido. Can you say this about any Headliner under the Tobiroppo? Apoo was part of a solo covert operation to lead Kaido to Kid and Hawkins. Apoo told Kaido directly one of his big men Jack went down. Apoo and the Numbers all arrive in Wano, Kaido contacts his man Apoo. Has Kaido spoken that much with someone like Holdem over an entire year? At the very least, Apoo seems to be regarded as special to Kaido.

It doesn't even seem like Apoo is trying to outright reject promotion like X-Drake currently is. Here is Apoo trying to use an opportunity to fish for a reward:

Consequently, Queen offers up a Tobiroppo position. Maybe this is what Apoo was looking for, maybe he wanted something else. He decides to use this chance to attack both Luffy and Zoro anyway.

If Apoo turns out to just be a regular Headliner, why would he be satisfied with that position? If he wants status and power, the Tobiroppo position offers that. If he wants to join Kaido's inner circle to obtain special information, the Tobiroppo seems good enough for a spy like Drake. What is Apoo getting out of this?

What do you think? Why has Apoo not joined the Tobiroppo by now?

Garp the Fist

The Beast Pirates work in a meritocracy with rules. It's not a free for all where you can just challenge a Calamity or TR any time you want. Kaido has given the TR the opportunity to challenge a Calamity, but only if they can complete a task for him first. Similarly, Queen has given people the opportunity to take a TR seat if they accomplish said task- and after he's wiped out a TR member.

From a meta perspective the Zoan theme is also an answer.
Because Appo role's in the crew isn't supposed to be public knowledge. How would Appo have been able to trap Kid and Hawkins in a fake alliance if Appo was a part of the Tobiroppo? Appo being a member of the Beast Pirates isn't supposed to be public knowledge and he clearly fufills a very unique role in the crew.

That being said, Appo is 100% qualified strength wise to be apart of the Tobiroppo. Appo was embarrassing Luffy, Zoro, and Kidd.
He could be the Vergo of the Beast pirates aka a guy who goes undercover in the outside world to gather infos or opportunities like he did with Kidd and Hawkins. Also the tobi roppo should be a dino group at this point but even the original shikis were all based on animals and that changed with time, yet I don't see Apoo as a Tobi roppo, his rank probably has the same value of a flying 6 or in between them and the headliners.