Break Week Why is Queen nowhere to be seen in Kaido flashback?

Jack wasn't born or too young
Queen was irrelevant as fuck and not strong enough
King is strong and is Kaido's right hand

Also one of the databooks/VCs said Kaido took only King to join the MF war, again no Queen or Jack

He's >>> Queen/Jack, even more than Kata was to Cracker/Smoothie
Yh just like Linlin took almighty Smoothie with her to Wano and left scrubs like Katakuri & Cracker at home 😂. I don’t think anyone is contesting King being the strongest calamity or Kaido’s right-hand man except for maybe a very small minority even amongst Sanji fans but this has always been a stupid argument and I mean that in the most polite way possible.

On the topic at hand, Queen is not in Kaido’s flashback coz he joined much later than King did. He prolly joined btw the time Higurashi proposed a deal to Kaido & Kaido attacked Wano.
- Rocks was defeated 38 years ago
- Higurashi proposed a deal to Kaido 28 years ago
- Queen joins Kaido? (Apparently MADS was active 24+ years ago)
- Kaido invaded Wano about 26 years ago

Kaido does seem much closer to King. Both have been together for ages so it makes sense that he’s Kaido’s right-hand (even without including his strength). However, I don’t really get why this is supposed to be a slight on Queen strength wise or relevance-wise 💀. Queen has his own unique back story with MADS (i.e. a pretty significant group in OP).