Character Discussion Why is Topman the only competent Gorosei?

For the most part it's pretty easy to not look too bad when the plot armor doesn't need to be absurdly abused as much. The reason Topman looks good is because Guffy's strong enough to not immediately be killed by the Gorosei unlike most of the Straw Hats. Oh, and Saturn wasn’t trying to get to Robin, but instead simply wanted to get the Straw Hats out of the way.
There could be 20 Akainus on the island and the SHs would still escape somehow. Any villain in the Gorosei’s position would be written incompetently
:shocked:Oh look bm sucks cause an alliance of 3 groups + help from fishmen managed running away from her half a crew at cacao

But make excuses for 6 top tiers + a fleet of marines failing to beat SHs + Bonney & Punks

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They are useless, they have no actual value, they don't do shit, they are also supposedly the minister of different subject but they all are the same character. All around garbage character:whitepress: