Current Events Why Luffy got the same bounty as Kid and Law?


The Road To Harmony
It was a questionable choice, but trying to rationalize it.

1. from the perspective of the World, Luffy and Law are in an equal partnership and are regarded as the leaders of the Alliance. Kid, a Captain in his own right, was seen confronting the Emperors head on alongside Luffy and Law, so they think he’s a leader of the band that took the Yonko down.

2. Oda loves his milestones when it comes to Luffy’s bounties. When he cleared East Blue, he received the highest bounty there at a round 30 million, then he received 100 million after defeating Crocodile, who’s bounty was in the 80m range. Since Wano had 2 major antagonists, who were effectively beaten by the 3 Supernova, Oda gave the 3 bounties that would collectively surpass the collective bounties of Kaido and Linlin.

9 billion > 8.9 Billion

3. The Government is trying to understate Luffy’s presence because his existence may jeopardize their secrets. I’m not too sure on that one.
many reason-
1. WG wants to keep luffy hype under the radar
2. Luffy didn't 1 vs 1 kaido. Kaido carried an island with his own power, fought against 9 scahbards, 5 supernovas, 1 yamato , even momo bit him once. Luffy even had a food break. Kid and law fought healthy not only kaido for sometime but then went on to fight against big mom of complete strength who went all out, but they still prevailed (they had help from bombs but still big mom would have fallen down anyway even if there were no bombs) Kid and law do deserve 3 billion bounty
3. Kid and law are his rivals.
???? Explain better
Cause there is a rivarly, that simple.

Oda went out of his way this time to make it clear to distracted readers once and for all: he could've given different individual bounties and Emperor status just to Luffy, instead he decoded to differentiate these 2 things:
- 3,000,000,000 bounty to each of the 3, cause they individually do rapresent the same threat/danger
- Emperor status to Luffy only cause of his crew and influence (Fishman Island, Dressrosa, Wano...)

I mean, couldn't be clearer than that at this point

It still doesn't make sense.
Even if the GM sees them as equal threats individually, Luffy's influence (allies, territories, fleet and crew) should put him on a higher reward pedestal.
Buggy himself must have a high bounty due to his influence, because Luffy's influence doesn't play a role in his bounty?
The Gorosei knew they couldn’t cover everything up (said that last chapter)

This is the closest they can come to hiding Luffy. He‘s just one of three threats, not the one main threat that they are shitting themselves about.

That’s the closest thing to an in-series vaguely logical thing I can come up with.

Really I just think it’s dumb and typical of how Oda’s written this awful “rivalry”.

(I also strongly believe that Big Mom was thrown into Wano last minute to get rid of her. Perhaps he’d already decided to raise Luffy’s bounty to 3 here, 4 on Elbaf, 5.6 after Laugh Tale, it was meant to be a 3 vs 1 with Luffy/Kid/Law against Kaido and this is just a leftover. But that’s more wild conspiracy stuff).