Questions & Mysteries Why Mihawk was surprised by Zoro's Sanzen Sekai ?

I've seen people saying it's weird that Mihawk was surprised by Zoro's Sanzen Sekai when it's nothing weird.
Doesn't Mihawk being reknown for his eyesight and his ability to judge others' skills ?
I think Mihawk was surprised by Zoro's attack because he didn't see any opening in it. He's only way to stop it and attack Zoro in the same time was brute strength (and we know that Mihawk kind of despises doing it).
Well, people need to realize that back during Mihawk vs Zoro round 1, Oda's goal for One Piece was only supposed to last 5 years.

High and Top tier characters weren't supposed to be the insane powerhouses we see now. Mihawk vs Zoro round 2 was supposed to happen much much sooner.

So Mihawk acknowledging Zoro's attack as threatening comes from a different level of power structure that Oda had initially planned for the series.

It's the same reason why Crocodile on Alabasta was so weak in comparison to the other Shichibukai introduced into the series later on, and his strength was later retconned during Marineford. He went from losing to pre gears/haki Luffy, to talking down to Doflamingo, like he wasn't on his level.


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Depends on what's intended for Crocodile having his strenght retconned in MF. He was decidedly better than most would of expected but PIS has got to be factored. Oda probably simply portrayed some inconsistent challenges in order to spice his plot up and sometimes save some characters' butts and so on. It would definitely not be explained how Croco boy could stand up next Doffy like that in such a short period of time expecially considering he was imprisoned too after the encounter with Luffy.
Mihawk saw Zoro's CoC, that's why he said later on "Take your Will & Surpass my Blade"
He also was surprised that someone from East Blue can perform such Incredible Three-Sword Style Technique

In my opinion, Zoro's Swordsmanship has always been the Strongest in the World, since Chapter 01
But what he lacked is Haki + Physical Stats + Speed + Better Swords

So once he makes all of that Available, he can finally have a Fair Fight against Mihawk where their Swordsmanship is the Decisive Factor
And Zoro will prove that his Santoryu is the Supreme Fighting Style
It's irrelevant until proven otherwise, like for example, Oda making up some shit based on that later (like with the Gomu fruit).

Until that, in case actually it would happen, ppl shouldnt care about that :kayneshrug:

P.S: though it would be funny to use when talking about Mifraud and his powerlvl.