General & Others Why One piece fans can't take any criticism?

So because someone is not your opinion, his brain cells must be dead?
No mate there are a lot of people who like Wano and that’s okay
I’m talking about the people who get mad if you criticise something about OP. The exact people you’re criticising with your reply. Everyone has the right for an different opinion but some OP act like cultist and bash you when you have a different opinion
They can. It's just the majority of people who think they're "critics" think that their pointless bitching = criticism.

They're pseudo critics who have no idea what the fuck they're talking about.

It's not like they know how to analyze a story or even know the basics of storytelling.

You think these people even sit down and actually try to learn about writing? Of course not.

They just whine & complain about shit.


I've been criticizing One Piece a lot during the Wano arc, even though there's a lot of things i still enjoy about the arc.

and i also got mad at how much the community resists / deflects any criticism.

but then i asked myself, "Why do i care so much about criticizing One Piece? If i just wanted to get my opinion out there, i already did, why do i give a shit if other people don't agree or try to argue against my points?"

I could only come to 3 conclusions someone like me could be thinking:

1 - I want the story to change and think somehow my feedback is gonna make a change. Which is stupid, Oda is never gonna get feedback from Western audiences, and even if he did, at this point he is one of the richest and most powerful manga authors ever, he doesn't care about feedback, he can write the story he wants to the day he dies and nobody can stop him. So if this is reason why i'm doing it, it's pointless and a waste of time.

2 - I'm a very negative person and because i don't like something, i also don't want other people to enjoy it, so i'm trying to make them stop enjoying it too. This is also stupid, and yes i've become quite more negative these past 3 years (in my defense, these years have been pure shit), but it's just selfish, just because i'm not enjoying something i'm trying to make others stop enjoying it. Maybe it comes from a place of feeling alien when you have an opinion and most of the fanbase disagrees. Who knows.

3 - I'm salty over how much the One Piece community shitted on other manga and anime i've loved in the past, Naruto is a good example, yet when the same problems and troupes starting happening in One Piece, the community looks the other way and say it's good and it's well done this time. This one is kinda true, i'm not even gonna say it's stupid. But it's still a waste of my time, because i'm not gonna change their minds.

So, what's the point? I will just waste my time and energy, maybe even get mad, for nothing...

So i've been trying to stop myself from criticizing One Piece just because i don't see the point anymore, of course i still fail to contain myself every week, but i'm getting better at it.
A person who doesn't accept criticism is immature and One Piece is for children so most of the audience will have that profile. I've been following One Piece since I was 9 years old, but when I criticize it I'm called a hater and everything, and I did a lot more for One Piece by buying manga, watching from legal sources and etc than these guys.
Idk why some ppl don’t take criticism well maybe because the series means so much to them that anything negative pointed at it’s direction they aren’t trying to hear it. Criticism is fine w me but my issue is w ppl that feel like they have to insult Oda or fans of the series just because they don’t like what’s going on, like you can make criticisms w/o being rude.