Questions & Mysteries Why people still dont want to believe if Coby might wins against Boa Hancock?

We should also account for the possibility of negociations taking place before or after a potential skirmish.

Coby is not an unreasonable person, and if he does just enough to consolidate Boa's belief that it would be detrimental to continue to oppose the marine forces that might come in waves after her, she might conclude that it's better for Amazon Lilly to let herself be captured, in exchange for maybe her kingdom getting some sort of protection or agreement to be left alone by the WG for the time being, or maybe a reasonable assimilation where they get to keep some local autonomy.

That way Coby can get some good feats in a potential skirmish and earn Boa's respect both as a combatant, as well as a person for being reasonable afterwards and agreeing to negociate with her. Naturally the news would feature Coby as the Marine Hero who captured the former Shichibukai Boa Hancock.
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IMO, in the EoS oda want to create 'peacefull world' and by that we need someone to taking care for 'the order' part -we all agree the WG will be fall one way or another. so, someone who is perfect for that role will be coby. since he's marine, kind heart, and have a unique relation with lufy. Sooo all that made him a special character. like two side of coin but with same purpose.

And plot twist in amazon lily with boa might serve as a good starting point.
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what i mean by luffy and coby side by side to create a peacefull world is not necessarily abt power level. but more like the role part. chaotic good-lawless-pirate luffy and lawful good-order-marine coby. a combination to nurture peace.

well we can't rule out the possibility of the kind, helpfull and pay attention to developing the world type of admiral of coby. rather the crazy strong killing machine admiral as we see now (akainu gangs). so coby don't have to be YC1, he just need to be good coby
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Koby beating Boa Hancock would put him on Luffy's radar of enemies!
People forget the Marines are probably deploying SSG vs The Warlods,so Koby will have a huge help!
Coby will bring Boa back. Otherwise there was no point in doing this plot point at all. Boa beating him and capturing him what could potentially bring? Nobody cares really about Coby bar old Garp and Helmeppo and either of them vs Boa&friends brings to absolutely nothing plotwise.

So imo Coby will bring Boa home but it is not set in stone he has to beat her. It could very well be they come to some kind of agreement when they discover they are both Luffy fanboys.. And there is a brother of Luffy who needs to be saved another time. This is all a part of the preparations Oda is making for a Marijoa/Sabo (Vivi) rescue arc.
Update. After some time passed.

He is not Luffy. His power up's are even more inconsistent and Oda doesn't even try to portray him as Marine's counterpart to Luffy which a lot of people falsely claimed to do.

His victory would be the most bs thing ever.

Although I expect some trickery on WG part like enslaving her sisters or some shit.
He will play a big role in capturing her but will probably get help from SSG. No point in bringing admirals if Oda wants to hype up Coby and SSG

Hancock will probably fight ferociously and protect her sisters and crew from the navy but at the end of the day, getting captured makes a lot of sense for her character considering her past

Coby will probably feel guilty after knowing about her being a former slave and will start questioning the navy
Koby is Beating Boa purely Based on the idea
Regardless of Koby Winning Boa is still getting Arrested Due Fujitora
  1. that we need to Get Luffy to mariejois to Link up with Sabo
  2. Benchmark Current Kobys Strength,
  3. Raylegih and Shakky Involvement The Arrest of Boa
  4. Fujitoras View on Justice with the Handling of Boas Current Situation
  5. Dragon and Luffy Revolutionary Army Meeting
  6. Garp History with Dragon
Also Helmeppo is Dying this Arc By Boa
His Death Will Probably Alline Koby more Towards Akainu View of Justice for Brief Foreshadowing.