Break Week Why there are many people say that they have quitted reading OP for years but ............

and most of them are fans of ":few:" you know that?
who is that supposed to be?
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They just say dat cus they think they will seem smart from stop a reading a "trash story" and yet mods let them talk in one piece threads :zosleepy:
are you suggesting only people who like one piece should be allowed in one piece threads?


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I did quit about half-way through WCI. Then came back in Wano. Was thinking about quiting again, holding off for now.

When I did quit, I would still visit OJ or Reddit to keep myself up-to-date. It is not about "not being able to live without it". It's about finishing what I started. But if it becomes a chore rather than a joyful experience, I am definitely going to vent. I may drop One Piece yet, but even if that happens, I will pick it up one day and finish it if God willing.

Nothing wrong with that.
I don't understand either, how are you spending so much time on something like reading spoilers and getting in discussions without even reading the chapter, are you just not reading the manga (official or fan translation) and going off of Redon's summary? Won't it be better to just read the manga and not engage in any spoilers and other discussions if you hate something, that way you will waste less time on it but still be able to finish it and even have the opportunity to leave it cause I believe leaving a community is harder than quitting a manga.

Idk when I left watching MHA but I still read the manga cause I want to finish it, I got attracted to it by watching the anime and the initial setup but the super scaling shit that happened really ruined it for me just like what happened with Naruto in the end.