Questions & Mysteries Why was the z fighters so nerfed in fukastu no f?

They seriously were struggling with rando freeza mooks said to be weaker then the ones in the namek saga. Like these guys are arguably below raditz given how freeza states how the force has declined so much in his absence.
They were never that strong to beginn with.
I have peak Humans (Kuririn) in DBZ at max. Ginyu Level.
Toriyama probably forgott their PL
Bro the scripts were all written by Toriyama.
Toyotaro draws the manga but the plot is from Toriyama.
Toriyama only does rough drafts, Toyotaro effectively writes everything.
Your derailing the thread cause you wanna deny reality cause the facts just dont line up with your canon ideology

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wtf is with canon dudes, Always derailing the thread with their bs that can proven wrong on every account.