Future Events Will Flame Emperor Sabo face Akainu?

Will Sabo vs. Akainu take place?

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The only one who can beat me is me
The chapter that highlights Sabo, ends with Lakainu crying. Lakainu vows to stop him in a double page, where Sabo's huge poster being worshipped :nicagesmile: How is this even a question at this point?

Only copium breathing Lakainu fanboys like extratroll and Fleet Admiral Troll Lee are in denial. :jackcopium: They keep breathing copium with thinking Luffy will fight him as a last villain, not Sabo.

- Luffy's Mythical DF counter: Only Blackbeard has the power to neutralize it.
- Sabo's Logia DF counter: Only Lakainu has the power to neutralize it.

Lakainu fanboys probably believes its just a coincidence. :suresure:

Sabo inherited Ace's will, and Lakainu is the one that Sabo will face as a last villain.

Why does this make you so happy though?

Sabo is being set up as a top 5 EOS type of character, at the least on the level of the Yonkou, likely even above. Is Akainu so strong to you that you're celebrating him fighting someone who will likely be above Shanks at his peak, as some sort of major loss?

Ace was PK level potential btw, Sabo inherited his will like you said.
No the argument was retarded.

It wasn't about how Blackbeard or Akainu felt about Ace. It's about how Ace felt about them since Sabo inherited Ace's will & not theirs. How Blackbeard wanted Ace or how Akainu wanted to kill Ace does not matter in the slightest because Sabo is not inheriting their wills lol.
And Ace undoubtedly hated Teach more than Akainu.

So yes, the argument that Erkan used is stupid, as usual.
This alone proves that you are not supposed to be taken seriously when it comes to debating this manga.

Lmao troll, you are the Lakainu fanboy who shouldn't taken seriously, pathetic arguments Lakainu wanker.

How Ace hated BB more than Lakainu? Ace literally stopped running because Lakainu talked shit about Whitebeard for no reason.

Blackbeard respected Whitebeard troll, you don't read manga.

Did you see Ace pissed off like this while fighting Blackbeard? Nope, only Lakainu he was pissed off that he even get careless because of Lakainu, he never get careless like this against Blackbeard.

BB had no problem with Ace, Ace can't hate him more because BB explained why he killed Thatch, he had no other choice. Lakainu is different, he talks shit about Whitebeard.

Ace even asked him to not tell Luffy.

Lakainu is Nazi about Ace and Luffy, even if everyone escapes he can't let Ace escape, BB had no problems with them.

BB literally tells Jinbe he is barking at the wrong tree.

Yes Ace's LIFELONG DESIRE was to defeat Akainu :kobeha: :kobeha:

Not chase BB around the whole globe to avenge Thatch :kobeha:
Because he didn't know what BB did troll,

Lakainu talking shit about WB, pissed Ace more, look above, show me a panel Ace being pissed off like that against BB? It doesn't exist :kaidowhat:
Ace literally spent months tracking down Teach to take revenge for Thatch but "muh he respects Whitebeard" is gonna be your argument.:kobeha::kobeha::kobeha:
Because BB was from Ace's 2nd division?

Troll. :kaidowhat::rolaugh:

It was literally Ace's job as his division commander? LMAO

Show me a panel Ace being like this against BB:

Was Lakainu from Ace's 2nd division? :suresure:

Yet Lakainu made Ace more angrier than ever.

...what? Speak in English
Lizaru is talking about Luffy troll, not Lakainu.

Sabo highlighted in that chapter, and Luffy was mentioned by Lizaru BECAUSE he is Sabo's brother. :rolaugh:
- PK level Sabo vs Akainu?
- PK level Luffy vs Akainu?
- Peak Yonkou tier Dragon vs Akainu?

This many options what should i choose?

I still think Luffy is the one as they're connected through the scar, a very, very meaningful symbol in the world of OP plus several other reasons layed down my posters above.

You can make a case for all of em, but guess what, Sakazuki ain't looking bad in whatever scenario he is in.
Lizaru is talking about Luffy troll, not Lakainu.
okay? And I said that. Are you retarded?

I said that Akainu is responding to Kizaru's talk about Luffy
Sabo highlighted in that chapter
is it probably because it shows what happened in the reverie?
and Luffy was mentioned by Lizaru BECAUSE he is Sabo's brother. :rolaugh:
and Akainu only started talking about destroying everyone only then
This is why nobody takes you seriously Erklown :kobeha:
You haven't read the manga :kobeha:

Imagine arguing that talking shit about WB is worse than murdering your own crewmate :suresure:
Extratroll, this is why you get permabanned from other forums but being protected here by Ladmiral fan mods :suresure::suresure:

Its Ace's job as 2nd division commander, BB is from 2nd division commander.

Show me this panel from BB vs. Ace, not even comparable with your panel.


Where is the panel Ace being pissed off while fighting BB?

Instead of admitting that he was wrong, this clown doubled down on an dogshit take and proceeded to own himself lmfao
You are the Lakainu fanboy troll shouldn't be taken seriously, pathetic arguments :kaidowhat:

I explained why Lakainu hated Ace and wanted to kill him.

BB didn't hate Ace, didn't want to kill Ace delivered him alive.

Show me battle panels where Ace WAS PISSED OFF while fighting BB?

BB fight was not personal, it was business for Ace. Ace was 2nd division commander of BB.

Lakainu fight was personal for Ace, it wasn't business for Ace.

Take a shower. You stink.

Sabo vs. Lakainu was highlighted, Lakainu fanboys crying :rolaugh: