Break Week Will OPLA be renewed

renewal? ie will it reach ~16m people this week

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OPLA will need:
minimum of 950M minutes watched this week

will it be done?
180m budget
1.2B minutes, 1st week
10 hrs long
2m full series views
0.11 view hrs per $

all of us are dead
?25m? budget
180M minutes, 1st week
12 hrs long
250k full series views
0.12 view hrs per $

one piece
144m budget
????, [950M minutes, 1 week]
7.5 hrs long
2.11m total series views

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Given that the reception wasn't overwhelmingly negative, there's a decent chance.

Waiting to see the numbers.
The possibility of a season 2 might be there but there are two things that need to happen before they can even start season 2.

Oda's approval if he hasn't already approved of a season 2 and the second is that the writers strike needs to end.
I liked it but there could definitely be improvement. Would like to see them get a shot at a second season but I think it will need like game of thrones level buzz for a renewal
It's comedy gold. It should be revived for the luls.

Let's be honest, the laughter OPLA illicits out of the One Piece community surpasses anything old and tired Buggy, Usopp and Sanji gags bring to the table. Some of you have tears in your eyes when you see the character casts. That's worth something!
Well, it is trending. So that’s a good sign.

but Netflix has cancelled a lot of shows that were popular like this.

Really, they’re just trying to throw spaghetti at the wall until they find their next stranger things.

But one big thing that OP has in its favor is that unlike a lot of other things, OP literally has decades worth of source material. So at least in that aspect, it’s somewhat of a safe investment.
Its 50/50 as usual the crowd one piece peak fiction fan rate it as masterpiece while non one piece fan rate as mediocre or mid, the popularity is carry by hardcore op fan.
As for me manga reader hopefully it got cancelled so oda wont make an excuse break for this shit