Questions & Mysteries Will Sabo get CoC?

Will he?

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Hmm maybe but I would not necessarily bet on it. However he is likely destined to become the chief of the revolutionaries. If the movement will still be a thing for a long era then perhaps Oda will find it appropriate to have Sabo as supreme king/ruler.


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Ace 2.0 this Ace 2.0 I'm a retard and I can't read.

Sabo has nothing to do with Ace aside of having his Devil Fruit.

Guess what? Every CoC user must be a copy of Ace then!

But to the topic. It depends on if Oda wants Sabo to be even more monstrously powerful than he already is. I can see him getting it but I don't think he will need it. We will get an answer once that retarded organization of Revos make move. If he proves to be a good leader then maybe. But I believe he is mostly a lone wolf in his missions.