I mean if Sanji were to ever show his heroics to Kiku....now would be the perfect chance. She/He lost an arm.....and if Sanji were to see that. He'd go berserk.

And since alot of the SN are going there, its obvious Sanji will outshine most of them. :kayneshrug:

Lets look at the current state of affairs:

- Black Maria wont call a Calamity to deal with Sanji....since she seems to be killing people off her self. So she'l either try to kill Sanji and he breaks free, someone saves Sanji or Sanji makes her fall in love with her

- Sanji is already past Queen, and Queen's fatass has not moved past that post. Plus Queen cares about Drake the most and he still down at the floor

- King is highly likely to be distracted by Marco....so Sanji flying to the roof by himself is a good option.

Now Sanji could rescue the bodies and not do anything to Kaido. But he has to show his heroics to Kiku... Plus Meme is also there so some of the SN (maybe Kidd and Killer will be fighting her).

Sanji's aim is was to save Luffy's strength in fighting Kaido....because Luffy needs his stamina for haki. Sanji may injure Kaido with a flame attack, thus he doesnt reallly need stamina.

Either way going by how everything looked in the past, everyone just wants to back up Luffy in defeating Kaido.

Of course this is only in the first round....where Kaido will mollywhoop them. Second round Sanji fights King.

And dont get triggered by this thread. Its just speculation:goyea: