Questions & Mysteries Will Zoro ever split the sky?

I don't know. On one hand that is a cool move which characterizes the yonko (only yonko and above have done it so far in the manga) so it is not sure Zoro will get it (it rapresents yonko status at least ad coc wisr). On the other Zoro has already surpassed it by scarring Kaido. If you look at it the sky splitting is like yonkos shaking hands (WB and Shanks, Kaido and BM they were just having a meeting) to recognize the status. Kaido did it without any problem upon meeting BM or now with Luffy. On the other hand the Oden scar is a thing that still gives PTSD to Kaido even decades later and Zoro replicated it to a minor scale. Still only Oden and Zoro scarred Kaido so far,.the shaking hand sky splitter could have happened dozens or more time and nobody (yonko and above) give a care about a move "so simple" (it seems like an hand shake for that level).

Anyway if Zoro will do it it will eitger be the next arc or vs Mihawk at worst. Maybe even never but I doubt it.