Speculations Will Zoro open his left eye at Wano?

Will Zoro Open his Left Eye in Wano Finall?

  • Yes.

  • No. Kaido is not worthy of zoro's left eye

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Opening that left eye is not necessarily something related to a mastodonic power up I guess. It could even merely be a way for Oda to portray another parallel with Rayleigh and pretend that his eye for some reason was healthy again and it was never permanently damaged that extensively.


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If Zoro was saving a Rinnegan he would have used it by now!Mihawk just took of of his eyes as a payment for the training!
I also think he would have likely gone all out earlier unless the Hakai blast messed him enough he didn't have enough energy to channel a new power up but I don't find it as a likely scenario.

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zoro with an eyepatch looks kinda badass ngl
Oda definitely should have gone with the eye patch. Zoro rocks it.

Then again he looks pretty sick without it.

Fights with 6 swords, is themed around a blue dragon (Oh hi Kaido), is a loveable and strong badass and has the same voice actor as Zoro, at least the Sengoku Basara version of him but maybe the Samurai Warriors one too?

Zoro's VA also voices this legendary badass, who once
pulled out his own eye after it was shot by an arrow and ate it!


And then finally, we have the legendary Zoroki Kenpachi himself! If you know about Zaraki Kenpachi, enough said ofc! Badass, extremely strong swordsman who loves to fight, gets lost frequently and easily, is a complete powerhouse and beacon of hope for others with his own adorable, pseudo daughter, pink haired, little girl companion too!

After Rooftop Piece though, I've given up on Zoro opening his eye almost entirely. My last hope is his final fight with Mihawk where Oda will hopefully elaborate on it on-screen (and not in a vivre card/SBS/databook/light novel etc sigh) and show how and why Zoro lost it.

The first thing Sanji should have said to Zoro when he saw him in Sabaody is “what the f happened to your eye?”, the fact he nor anyone else has done it is beyond suspicious.
This has seriously bothered me too since then, but Oda seems to really slip up with stuff like this.
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If its not just for design reasons, hell open it against Shiryu or Mihawk.

I doubt its a standard PU, prolly just some CoO variation specifically made for Swordsmen or his other eye became like Mihawk/Im's.