Women Appreciation Thread



You should tho. Use your vip privileges as long as you have them.
Bogard not giving you your tag and un change is a scam, they receive your money but don't give you what you bought.
You should make PayPal give your your money back (if you have used it to make the payment)
I love my girl. Pretty, not into wearing much makeup but skincare instead, rude and even blank to other men, submissive toward me. Taught her to push the boundaries further and more unrestricted, she's expert in bio***** worship now. She has slow progress regarding being verbally sexual to me tho. Wonder which territory we should explore next. I wanna reverse our play sometimes but she doesnt quite like it.

I also like another girl. Wanna have non-monogamy in serious relationship but not successful enough to maintain that level yet.

Tldr someone make me rich please. :lulz: