World Cup 2022 Review

I would have prefered on summer that's my only complain but overall it was pretty exciting dissapointments like germany belguim denmark Uruguay and surprises like korea Australia japan and morroco also I didn't expect croatia this far they didn't have the same players they had in 2018(90% of the team)and the final was exciting af better than 2006
World Cup is a unique event that everything can happen. Argentina barely manage at group stage. It could have been one of the countries no one expected to lose in group stage like Germany.

I never understood why some brazilians were talking so good of our team. Since first game I could notice a bunch of flaws that we didn't fixed up to quarters. Our team is extremely dependent of Neymar. I don't know how we will play once he is out of the World Cup. Can be the next one or the other. So far I don't see any number 10 to take his place.

If Messi deserved to win this World Cup(so as CR7 but Portugal is hopeless) Neymar also deserves to win the next one.

Overall, it was an interesting World Cup. Very good matches specially the finals. French made the incredible twice in the game but couldn't handle the penalties
This World Cup was not only great in terms of football enjoyment (especially the final match who was the BEST OF ALL TIMES)

but even the fans enjoyment outside stadiums, funniest memes, multicultural fans interactions, no hooliganism, family friendly atmosphere etc

Despite the media bias against this small country they proved themselves exceptionally
Bravo 👏