Worst father, Grisha Yeager Or Shou Tucker?

Worst dad?

  • It's grisha Yeager

  • it's shou tucker

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Grisha wasnt even a bad father
made his son become a titan which caused him to suffer and feel immense pain, Or did eren not face alot of trauma due to his titan powers?
Shou tucker made his daughter fuse with his dog, Pretty tame compared to having eren get attempted to get ate by historia and having nearly died due to the invasion by maryans who were targeting eren so they could get the founding titan's power
Isn't it automatically Shou since Grisha's actions were never his own?
Somebody could refresh my memory with AoT lore but didn't Eren basically influence every past holder of the Attack titan through paths fuckery?

I know he explicitely did it when Grisha ate those mfers in the cave. So I guess he did it before too.

Though Grisha was an ass to Jeek, Ereh was an ass to Grisha so it evens out.