Announcement Worstgen First Anniversary!

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*pounding fists on table*

In all seriousness, it’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE this forum and most of the people in it...I am SO proud and honored to be part of the best One Piece community on the Internet, and I’m hoping we’ll get to set sail together for many years to come :cheers::smoothieduck::ace:
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To think that it started a year ago already :catsweat:

Thanks yall for making this community as fun as it is. I may have built it, but it'd never have been like this without you

Also prepare yourself for even more fun with the upcoming events :amazing:
Started last year August already… time has passed really quick! Look at what you have created @Bogard ! Hope you are proud of it, because we got some real fun and enjoyable community here. Thanks for creating this Forum back then mate, it gave a lot of One Piece Fans a new home, including me.
Thanks pretty great, too bad to be busy at the moment, but I'm great to have this team, and this community is the best

Hopefully it'd get even better :optimistic:


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Hello and welcome to everybody! As you can probably tell, we are soon rounding up one year since the forum's creation! In celebration of our first anniversary, some special exclusive editions to the forum have been implemented.​

1. One Piece Royal Rumble
A tournament style event will go out for any user that is interested. Whether you are a Battledome veteran looking for a worthy opponent or someone that avoids Vs. Battles like the plague, you can find great joy in participating as it is designed to be played by anyone, no matter their preferred place on the forum. I highly recommend that you give this a try. Visit this thread to get the full information necessary - Royal Rumble

2. Forum SBS
An SBS-like event shall be hosted here for users to ask any questions that come to mind and participate in a fun discussion amongst each other! Link incoming

I would like to mention that isn't all we got for y'all. Some aesthetical changes will be arriving soon, but for now, come celebrate this special moment with us :cheers:
Isn't worst gen first anniversary on 26th August or around that?
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