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You must be respectful with each other and follow the rules. Criticism and civil disagreement is fine, but troll, bait or personal attacks aren't allowed. In case you have a personal problem with a member, try discuss with him about the matter in private message. If it doesn't help, the ignore button is there to help you.

These are the particular set of examples that would not be allowed on Worstgen:

Erotic Content:

Erotic post content is not allowed on the forum;​

  • Depiction of nudes, genitales, breasts, or sexual acts is forbidden.
  • Sharing sexual contents, websites or writing graphic pornographic content is also not allowed.
  • Suggestive sexual images.
Personal attacks or Cyberbullying:

Posting, sharing negative or personal private information, harmful, false, mean content about someone else to embarass, humiliate him.​

  • Harassment: Berating users in an overly sexual, or aggressive manner, messaging them privately or publicly, and being in their personal space causing discomfort within them.
  • Threats: This includes, but isn't limited to coercing users to kill themselves, threatening to find them in real life, to cause serious injury and similar dismissive and disruptive behaviour.
  • Discrimination: Sexism, Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia aren't permitted. Berating users specifically or making vague discriminatory comments to bait a reaction out of users will likewise not be tolerated, any and all off-topic discriminatory remarks will be dealt with accordingly also.
Leaking Personal Information:

  • Divulging users personal information without their consent whether it be images, videos, or other information is not allowed on Worstgen and will result in an immediate ban.
Flaming, Baiting and Trolling:

  • Personal attacks and insults aimed at a member or their family or attempts at character assassination is not allowed. Banter between friends and or heated comments towards fictional characters are generally permitted.
  • Do not make posts and/or comments with the intent to get a rise out of a member, this can be snide or dismissive behavior, aggressive or hostile or simply intolerant behavior in the hopes of a member engaging in a heated rebuttal garnering them some form of punishment.
  • Malicious advice under the guise of help, convincing users that you believe in something even though it's completely outrageous to infuriate and sow discord, and generally being deceptive with an agenda to provoke users into action and or outrage.


  • Repeated non-contributive posts to a particular topic, reactionary images, emoticons, smiles, nonsense, necroing dead threads and similar content is depreciated. Doing it here and there is fine, but doing it dozens of times in a row doesn't contribute in the discussion and thus will be handled accordingly.

Posting, sharing and supporting illegal / immoral actions:

While Worstgen may have sections which allow debating of controversial topics, the follow subjects are not appropriate anywhere on the forum:​

  • Pedophilia: Do not advocate for pedophilia on Worstgen, regardless of local laws or politics surrounding the issue. Jokes about pedophilia or inappropriate sexual comments about minors (under age 18) will be punishable by warnings and bans. Advocacy for pedophilia, admissions of crimes and using the forum for such actions will result in removal from our community.
  • Nazi Propaganda: As Worstgen is hosted in Europe, we have a zero tolerance policy with advocating genocide, nazi propaganda and white supremacy.
  • Hosting copyrighted material: When posting content from anime/manga due to EUCD(European Union Copyrights Directive) it must be from Worstgen's list of approved sources

Dupe accounts:

Never attempt to create an account to evade a ban, cheat in contests or games, harass users and other similar things. They'll be banned immediately and depending on the maliciousness of it the main account can get banned too.​


Advertising the other websites and promoting them via different means(Sharing links for example) without taking consent from the staff members is not allowed.​

For the avatar setup and rules "X"

Signature Limit:

The maximum number of images(including smiles) in signature is 2 and the maximal number of characters is 255. Your total signature space allowed is 700 (Width) x 400 (Height). The absolute maximum file size limit is 3 MB (3072 KB). This is for the entire signature, not just individual files. Repeated file size violations will lead to a signature ban.​


Your username comes upon your registration and can only be changed one time outside of exceptional cases(for security purposes, personal issues, particular events, and so on) or being classified as a VIP Member

VIP Member privileges:

- Can request different username color/sparkling or/and tag
- Can create thread tags/bypass user content taglimit
- Can upload attachments to conversations
- Can edit user title
- Can bypass minimum time between messages(30seconds) and discussions(60seconds)
- Can tag any threads including his own
- Have a private VIP Forum access

Rules and Guidelines to the Media section:

- Only original contents(created by yourself) like Artwork, Manga Panel, Colorings, Digital Painting, Graphic works(GFx), vectors, wallpapers, sketches, or drawings are allowed in this section

Worstgen isn't an Image Host, do not upload screenshots, personal pictures etc...

- The directive rules also apply here. You must be friendly and polite in your comments, or/and criticism, fair in your ratings, respectful with each other. If it's not possible, the report button is there to help you

- Add suitable tags with sufficient description to your contents for better traceability, and understanding by the others.
Adding tags unrelated to the content and uploading a content without important informations like valid Title/Information is forbidden and thus could be removed for this reason

- Always try to give credit to Owners of materials you used in your upload. As an example, if you found an artwork on twitter or deviantart, and made an avatar out of it, give credit to the artist who made the artwork in your description

Failing to comply to the above rules could lead to strict measures such as warning points, temporarily or even permanent ban.


Warning Levels define what happens to a user when they reach a particular warning level(percentage of maximum warning points). If the quota is reached, the user can be banned or his privileges suspended.​

Udon Prison System:

This is an invisible section in the forum where users will be sent when their warning points have reached certain levels. It is only visible to staff members and Udon Prisoners. They will still be able to see the whole forum, but will have their posting privileges limited only within the prison.​

  • 05 warning points - The user will be sent to Udon Prison and stay there for a day.
  • 10 warning points - The user will stay in Udon Prison for 3 days.
  • 15 warning points - The user will stay in Udon prison for a week.
  • 20 warning points - The user will be banned for a day.
  • 30 warning points - The user will be banned for 7 days.
  • 40 warning points - The user will be banned for a month.
  • 50 warning points - The user will be permanently banned.

The number of warning points could depend on the gravity of the act, with examples like leakening someone's personal informations, cyberbullying or sharing sexual contents directly leading to permanent ban.

Disclaimer: The forum does not host illegal content nor does it serve as a repository of where to locate illegal material, so avoid doing it. Some things to keep in mind:
  • Ignorance of the law doesn't give you the freedom to break it, and we won't accept that as an excuse.
  • Final interpretation of the rules is up to the staff. If you see a rule that needs to be improved or changed talk to us.
  • Civil discussion is always welcomed.
  • If you're unsure if something is against the rules, please consult a staff member or ask within the confines of the Staff Conference Room! You'll never be punished for asking whether an image is alright to be posted, or if something can be said within your private discussions with staff, and we'd much rather prefer having that discussion prior to any punishments being dealt.
  • If you feel someone has broken the rules and staff have overlooked it don't shy away from using the report function, every report is looked at consistently.

NB: These rules are to be effectively taken into consideration from 01/03/2020

Thanks for reading, now let us sail together and enjoy the forums together! If you're new here, check out this this place for the registration process: !

So, with that... welcome to Worstgen!

--- The Worstgen Staff

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
"Avatar Setup and Rules"

Avatar specifications:
  • The image you upload must be of similar ratio (150x150, 192x192, 288x288, 300x300, 400x400...)
  • The recommended image size is 400x400. That's for quality issues!
  • You can adjust the Avatar's position to your liking by dragging it with your mouse while hodling the left-click as indicated with the green arrow in the picture above.
  • If you try uploading an avatar of a different width and height; E.g., (200x192, 192x300...) The system automatically crops the image height/width depending height/width ratio of the image being used. Therefore, you're adviced to keep the ratio concept in mind while uploading your avatar images.

  • Spoiler content shouldn't be used as avatars until the chapter gets released.
  • Sexual content of all kinds is strictly prohibited from being used in your avatar images.
  • Nothing objectionable like something aimed at baiting/insulting/provocating your fellow members.
  • Avoid using images with disproportionate ratio as suggested above.
  • Be sure to remove/replace your avatar as soon as possible when a staff member approaches you to do so with a valid reason.
  • Feel free to approach the Moderators if you have any doubts/issues concerning avatars.
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