Worstgen Game: Month Break Survival


You can't win
This thread will be used for entertainment purposes about the game: https://worstgengame.herokuapp.com/ .

Users could discuss about the game, post their records in the game, and as stated in the announcement thread, the winner(s) will get the following prices depending on the situation:

- If multiple people finish the game, the one who finishes the game the fastest(and make it known) gets 2 month VIP, with the second or/and third fastest getting a month VIP

- If a single person finishes the game, the one who finishes it gets 2 month VIP

- In the unlikely event that no one finishes the game, the one who gets the furthest gets a month VIP

The game will take place for about a month, and thus ends the 16th July 2022

Enjoy :optimistic:


You can't win
After some deaths in the 80 range I got to 121 and instantly died before the new post snow area even loaded.
It's a good score. Shows you can go further. Good luck :optimistic:

By the way if you feel confident in your score, you can do a screenshot to share it how far you went