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pretty much this

we don't want negativity
come on AL ...

" I want to be roasted"
" I'm hurt cause I got roasted"

if some one say both of this things as same time ... that person is the one fucking with us

roast is a honer .... not something negative

don't be PC .... be fun
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pretty sure people will get hurt sooner or later
that would be the case if we "forced them" to join ...
no one is forced to come in it ...
if you want to be part of a roast knowing you can't handle it ....
you are the problem


mods can only publish "jokes" ... not something like a cheap "fuck you"
Aye. Don't see where's the issue when it's directly supervised by mods, just delete the inappropriate questions and keep the rest.

Some people here need hard roasts for rehabilitation, if they volunteered of course lol.
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