General & Others Would you still recommend for someone to start Watching or Reading One Piece?

If you aren't already invested in the series and are still reading it to see its completion. Would you recommend someone Read or Watch One Piece at this point? Or get involved with the community?
Of course I would, Is it a rethorical question?
Maybe I would tell him/her to wait another year and then start reading by volumes and not a binge reading :endthis: You have to avoid being too fast, but also you have to postpone the weekly reading, it ruins the whole experience!
And that leads to the final question and related answer: no, I would not recommend joining a community, not before having read all chapters. Only then It can be useful being part of a community, maybe where you can confront, read theories, analysis etc (so stay outta here :suresure:)
Yeah sure if they like battle anime, but I would set expectations so that they don't feel the same disappointment that we felt in Wano reading live on a weekly basis. Or post time skip in general. But if you like anime and cool fights then why not.

There aren't many great battle anime's out right now except for Bleach, Attack on Titan and Chainsaw Man. Everything else is garbage. Even OP is garbage compared to those 3 aforementioned in my personal opinion.
Nope definately no!!!!!!
I'm not gonna waste anyone's time to make them watch series 1000+ manga and episode.
We are the people watching it for years....
And Oda either way said , even if you just watch the final saga it's all good.