Questions & Mysteries Would Zoro have worked better as Luffys villain


Oda's accuser
Not much would have changed from his personal intensity

He always worked the hardest imo

If anything I wonder what kinds of fights he would have fought to empower himself though that is not decipherable
Did oda use him for the wrong role, he.looked like he would made a good villain for luffy . Also with hiw rubber weak to blades
Nah, i think current Zoro is fitting more as Strawhat's ally, replacing the place of Trafalgar Law since the start. He can be a badass Bleach character, so he's fitting to personally topple Doflamingo in Dressrosa (maybe as Luffy stalemated Fujitora in serious clash until end of the arc, without any clear winner) but as Strawhat ally instead of Luffy's First Mate. Also it would fit Zoro to topple Mihawk to become WSS so that he has his own spotlight and clear target ("Proper Throne") since the start of OP.

Trafalgar Law, tho? His EoS version should be an Emperor replacing Big Mom imo. Someone super strong...WSM, even, against whom Luffy himself would become rival, near One Piece's Endgame. Teleporter, DF full of hax, Gamma Knife, Soul Switch, Mes, a very hax-oriented DF for Luffy to surpass with Nika Awakening. That's what i think.
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