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Read this article on why Yamato is indeed a woman and not trans
When it comes to the female Delinquent its a very classic trope to make her a Boku Girl - a girl that talks TOUGH and like a BOY...of course as I said for 2 years now, explaning the whole, now Yamato is not using male pronoun she talks like a tough street gangster girl.
Yes, I am sorry but I found it somewhat funny when people where like KAIDO RESPECT GENDER or something WHAT?


Kaido is written as the classic traditional father, this is a common trope in Japanese (and east asia I would say in general) of the whole concept of ONLY THE SON can take over. And then does not wanna have a daughters, its not about that he is happy his daughter calls herself a man becasue he respects her pronoun (even do Japanese language dont even really have that) its because shes like GOOD only a SON can take over Shogun title anyway.
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