Speculations Yamato is fighting Page One

In 1003 we can see Yamato fighting someone.

Most people predicted its Jack because we haven’t seen him but Jack was on the roof and is healing so when you think about it. it can’t be him.

Only one person wasn’t seen last chapter and that’s my guess who Yamato is fighting

page one

We haven’t seen page one at all and Yamato was fighting someone and clearly struggling.

There’s many reasons Oda would make Yamato fight page one but one big reason would be to kee the hierarchy of the straw hats with sanji always being 3 since he low diffed page one.

yamato fighting page one would leave one of the calamity’s for sanji.

My guess is queen and imo the only way sanji fights king is if drake fights queen
Yamato would pummel P1 to death
In a straight up fight? Your forgetting Yamato only “one shotted” ulti and that’s because ulti wasn’t expecting her to fight her.
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Yamato is wasted against Page One to our knowledge, let's not joke about such important matters.

She should totally aim for a much stronger opponent unless she had no choice.
Her aim is to protect momo