Character Discussion Yamato is Stronger Than King

How does Yamato compare to King?

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Yep, Luffy Yc1 was one shotted by Kaidou.
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Wasnt Yc1 Luffy have one shotted by Kaidou?
It's not enough to just laugh about this stuff anymore, I have to know how it works. Do they have to submit an application for YC rank? Who approves it, Morgans? I'm guessing it takes effect when they reach the next island. Does it come with a contract saying they agree to withstand ___ damage, bench press ____, practice ___ forms of Haki, etc?
I still rate her below all Calamities and I dont see a reason to change it, for now.
I dunno man... its hard for us to have queen/jack > yamato at this point.
King might still be above yamato because he hasn't gone all out yet.
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Yamato will never be below Jack and Queen thats for sure. I have high hopes for King tho. Hes been sidelined far too much and i believe Oda has something crazy to show about him soon. Yes so far he has shown nothing worth of mentioning in Onigashima, but you can never count him out. For now, I rate them on the same ballpark of strength with Yamato having the edge.
my thoughts exactly.
Yamato is as strong as the plot demands her to be, even if a yc 1 at the start of wano got neg diffed, this does not mean that any yc will be neg diffed also, if the plot favors them, they will fight kaido 1v1 for as long as it will be needed.
Let put Katakuri in Luffys place, he gets neg diffed at the start of wano, and then he will fight equal with kaido when the things matter, its clear that luffy wasnt supposed to defeat kaido in his first encounter.
Yamato will do good, way better than yc level luffy at the start because now the plot matters, and her father wont go for the kill, Kaido still has great plans for Yamato even now, and probably even in his last moments when he gets defeated.
So yeah, Yamato is at that yc commander level, and if the plot demands she will stall kaido for some time.
Another exemple is with Kid, he showed nothing that puts him on the level of a yc1 commander, yet he suddently started to stall big mom on his own for some time, till trafalgar arrived, the same happens with yamato right now. Kid has basic coa coo and coc+his metal devil fruit, and apparently this is enough to stall a yonko, so chill dudes its not big deal if Yamato stalls Kaido for some time.
Scared she threatens Zoro in the hierarchy?:kayneshrug:
this really must be it

@nik87 If yamato joins the crew, she will parallel Oden

Oden was the original right hand of Whitebeard and a legendary pirate in his own right. He was easily near Rayleigh's level, just as yamato would be zoro's.

But lets not kid ourselves. She has a mythical zoan and was able to clash on par with hybrid kaido using ACoC. She would destroy any of the calamities in a 1v1 bar maybe king.


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I dunno man... its hard for us to have queen/jack > yamato at this point.
King might still be above yamato because he hasn't gone all out yet.
Dont buy into the hype, Oda likes to fool people at every corner.
Scared she threatens Zoro in the hierarchy?:kayneshrug:
The ones who will be scared are the ones who will have to explain Yamato's performance in the future when she faces someone who is in the YC tier and struggles more than ever in her life. And a Zoro fan has nothing to be scared of considering that he is the strongest ever.