Character Discussion Yamato is Stronger Than King

How does Yamato compare to King?

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You said it perfectly and honestly.. I cant defend Oda for doing something like that. You cant go from going toe to toe with Kaido in hybrid form for a while and then struggle at end game. If she does struggle end game, it would have to be thats shes cuffed up with sea stone, or trapped in water or her club is taken away. Oda is trapping himself to a corner.
Lol Kaido is laughing and still asking her to join his crew. Lets relax. Toe to toe 🤣
Yamato is stronger than king. King has still yet to show anything to put him on Yamato’s level.

Once Zoro beats king they’ll be on the same level; but once Zoro gets another power up like a black blade Zoro > Yamato