Theory Yamato son of Kido or just a bad case of amnesia


So first of all I usually don't create theories based on chapter releases and my personal hype because of it, but this is a special case, and it will be a fast one and I apologize for the massive confusion in the explanation


So I wanted to do this since kaido announced he has a son, at first I joked around and said it was Tokki and Kaido's son procreated to legitimize his take and rule over wano, but then I realized something: I could have been good old Oden.

Let me explain from the start Oden did the impossible he remind in the boiling oil for an entire hour, and his body got some injuries for sure but he was still alive and kicking. Then Kaido offered to kill him in let's say humane way, right?

He shot oden in the head and we have seen how he just went down in the oil with a smile on his face

But did he died?

I really believed he survived but could not prove how, then a son appears. Let's think a bit on how Oden died a shot in his head, but as strange as it sounds there are cases of severe brain injuries caused by something going throw one's skull. Most famously a man that got his skull priced by a pipe or something like that and lived.
I want to remind you about of an other case a fictional one WOLVERINE, in the movie he got shot in the head and he lost all his memories.

Now with that in mind let's think how kaido had built his crew, he broke the spirit of other pirates and made them work under him, if you were Kido and you found out that a strong strong warrior has the perfect set of skills you are looking for:
  1. Powerful, almost killed you
  2. No memories, way better than a broken spirit
  3. Face that doesn't look like it used to
The perfect opportunity, Orocchi thinking that his enemy is dead and so does the country, and a perfect man for your crew that you can model as you want and make him believe he is your son.

Let's look at the similarities:
  1. Both have the "ribbon" at their waist
  2. Both have some very strange handcuffs, of course this might be just for design and to make him more oni like but what if not. Think of it oden wakes up and doesn't remember a think his body has been scared by the oil and he has handcuffs and a horned man says he is his father gives him a mask and makes a believable story exaling how the handcuffs are connected to a tragic incident that made him lose his memories and how he should keep them and all.
  3. Both have the incredible desire to escape the island, we know yamato had run away on different times.
  4. Very similar body structure and movements.
Now why did oden regained his memories at this convenient moment?

He did not!!!

I believe he is having strange flashbacks and his instincts is telling him something is very wrong. So he tried to escape over and over again than a flashback, in his dreams most probably, took him in luffy's direction associating him with freedom. This flashback might be related to Tokki sending momo and the others in the future 20 years in the right era madame shirley told roger something big will happen and all. Hence Luffy as the savior of Wano that-s why he said he was waiting for a long time to meet him.

Yamato being Oden makes form my point a view the most sense, if we think at:
  • The problem of ruling wano after the fall of kido and orocchi
  • The problem of whom will give the so clad final blow, finally closing the circle of events
  • Why is Kido son wearing a mask and why is the body structure so similar to that of oden, if you watch closely the body movements resemble that of Oden.
  • Having such strong "son" almost as strong as the father would make perfect sens for his crew. Look on how Momo was treated because he did not resamble a bit the strong father of his.

Yamato is in fact Oden, whom had lost his memories and was made believe he was kido's son. His depiction with a mask is to hide his face, because even though sacred by the oil he still looks like Oden. His memory did not returned, but flashbacks and his instinct made him understand that he is not in fact Kaido's son and that he has to save Wano even though he doesn't know why, and the man that will help him is Luffy whom he associated based on shirley's prediction that he had seen in his dream/flashbacks that's why Momo and the other were sent 20 years in the future.

Of course I might be wrong, but good this looks like the perfect storm to balance the scale of power in the war.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
There is one thing that scares me in your theory.

For God's sake if Yamato is Oden who lost memories pls never ever in this world make him regain his memories if he sees Momo on the cross, Oda!!!!!

What would be cool is that Yamato waited for Luffy because he is actually Oden with no memories but found his Logbook and this will solve the problem of how Oden would know about Joy Boy's prophecy and wait for him.

This a good theory and it is 100x times better than simple Yamato = Oden because of shackles.

I'm still hard on the whole Yamato = Oden but I will keep your theory in mind until the reveal of Yamato's face.

I don't think Oda would toy with us like that for no reason: Shackles, this thing on his back, running style, etc.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Id rather not oden be involved but if he had to the only thing id like is the oden homie theory where the favour kaido owes meme is she used her powers to maybe put some of kaidos soul in odens body.
Oden had a freak of nature body that took being dragged through the sea for days boiled in oil for an hour etc
Do you think Big Meme using this homie magic on Oden would be her awakening? Because if I'm not mistaken for now in the canon she can't make living things a homie.
Do you think Big Meme using this homie magic on Oden would be her awakening? Because if I'm not mistaken for now in the canon she can't make living things a homie.
? She can take souls and move them around. I dont see why she wouldnt be able to do this. She took one of her sons souls in when she went crazy and iirc put it back.
Odens body is just an empty husk with oden dead.