Theory Yamato :Vegapunk's experiment


Fallen Prince

Hi guys i was looking at link how orochi knows about vegapunk and attempt blackmail he plays around with cp0 . Is kaido threat big thing for WG since they crushed WB pirates after all. Is there something orochi knows that he could blackmail WG to his bidding ?

It generally makes sense Yamato seems to be peculiar interest for kaido for some reason and many generally think yamato is caged in wano because she wants to be free ?

We know kaido is hiding something and big mom knows it. Lets rewind the past flashback , WG banning lineage technology judge and vegapunk were working on ?

For some reason it was not revealed what actually they were working on and why it has been banned. However few clues , caesar was attempting something similar to what vegapunk was actually working.

Lets rewind to punk hazard we see dragons and giant kids being experimented . There is possibility i am thinking caesar was working secretly with yonkos on lineage experiment to replicate yamato's dna.

Shocked this is what i think Yamato is perfect clone of kaido + big mom , it truly makes sense why she has such weird powers .

Its possible kaido got the wind of such experiment ongoing and kidnapped yamato from that place.

It makes sense why she is imprisoned for past 20 years.