Current Events Yamato won't join

Sanji D Goat

Momo and Yamato joining Law's crew.....

The whole point of Momo is to become the new Shogun heir of Wano so he's gonna stay. Tama will also stay in Wano to trained under Shinobu to become a kunoichi. The Scabbards will also stay. Yamato might be the guardian of Wano but she decided to travel with Luffy instead. She's joining the SHs. And nothing wrong with having a strong female fighter with CoC in the crew.
yeah but I think momo's arc from here on out will revolve around him trying to find bonney, I think he could sail with Law to do that
Go with Law while Luffy is still there and his bond with Luffy is that strong? Doesn’t seem likely to happen. Not to mention the likelihood of Luffy meeting other WG members is higher than Law. Luffy is gonna meet Bonney sooner or later.
The difference between Yamato and the previous characters you've mentioned is that she's literally requested Luffy to take her to sea, so it's only natural to assume that if she were to actually leave Wano, it would be in Luffy's crew.

That could just end up being a red herring though, and she might decide to stay as Wano's shogun to fulfill Oden's unfinished will in a sense, we'll see. But my point is that people aren't just latching on to the idea of her joining simply because she's a cool new character, but because that's literally one of her goals at the moment.
She's not even friends with Luffy either lol.

She's just a random ally. Luffy cares about Yamao as much as he cares about someone like X Drake.

But I agree with most of your points in general. Only that I think she's going with Momo, not Law.
Hmm... let's wait and see how Luffy reacts when he finds a likely battered Yamato fighting Kaido.
I think she'll keep the remains of the beast pirates and all the Tama-converted Gifters and become a part of the Grand Fleet. Maybe Will stay behind to help rebuild Wano then sail for the Eos war
She won’t join straw hats because her devil fruit doesn’t fit Oda’s naming convention for hinting at future crew members. Just watch Ohara’s video on the questions with the most popular Japanese YouTuber. Yamato also knows too much and should probably protect momo in Wano. She’s a total red herring.