General & Others Yet another nail in the coffin of Kaido and BM coming back

I wish Oro Jackson was still around. I remember way back when I made a theory on how Blackbeard and Shanks are polar opposites.

That's why I inferred Shanks = Celestial Dragon. I think I was the first English forum/thread with that theory. Blackbeard was the one bad guy amongst Ds, while Shanks was a good CD.
And Buggy is Rock's child
I thought about something like this:josad:
We didn't need it. Oda made it clear with Momo announcing the alliance's victory, the one week time skip, the Gorosei losing their shit and trying to control the event, the new Yonko's reveal, Greenbull being in Wano cleaning up the remaining BP.
Bonus: all these motherfuckers with CoO yet nobody can sense 2 Yonko recovering in Wano, fucking Momo knew the state of Luffy at every step of the fight, but he can't sense Kaido and Big Mom are still around :josad: