General & Others Yonko crew fodderized by a shark. Sigh..

They were attacked by a massive sea creature in a storm even a fishman considered insane. Half the crew is devil fruit users and the Yanko (Luffy) needs time to transform so he can fly. Only two you could argue could have escaped on their own are Sanji who can fly and Jimbei. There was no way of getting the ship out of the way on time and the crew isn't going to leave the sunny. Plus everyone was distracted by the storm. Not that big a deal.
this wouldn't happen if they had a lookout
A lookout for Sharks under the ship? :pepestop:
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And what have Crydo & Meme done since Roger died, 20 years of jobbing ended by dying to base magma, all while safekeeping the poneglyphs and maintaining world balance
Battled each other and against WB to a stalemate. Doing the job the marines are supposed to do at crushing supernova pirates.


The only one who can beat me is me
Koby can sense torpedoes and yet the "wings of the pirate king" just watching while a shark wrecks the whole crew. That is some deep consistent writing.

-They weren't in battle.
-Haki is finite apparently, not always is observation "on" (only when Oda finds it convenient)
-They noticed the Shark when it was point blank underneath the ship (no one on the ship could even attack it) and this lead to the ship capsizing.

Not the end of the world.
-Haki is finite apparently, not always is observation "on" (only when Oda finds it convenient)
Especially convenient in the previous arc, 20k + 10k with many of them knowing one if not both haki typed and and not a songle one of them bothered to use their CoO in case of some intruder.

Unless the beast pirate cosplay really sold that out, which happens in cartoons lol.