You do prefer online shopping or public shopping more?

Overall public, I mean I haven't got time for long queues but at the same time I don't have much time to wait around for deliveries either, so queues are the lesser of the two evils. And especially with clothes I like to get a feel for the material and size. I can also inspect what I purchase instead of it possibly arriving damaged or missing items.

Hopefully one day someone will create a better way.
There is a trade-off. Online you have the convenience factor and often or not, a cheaper price. In person you get to see the goods and thus really understand their quality.

I prefer to do the latter, however, as it's always nice to spend an afternoon out with the family and peruse some shops. Something more 'natural' to it.
Both are great, depends on the mood for me

If I want to buy some particular clothes or just need to buy some new stuff, I tend to go online

If I want to go for a walk and see if there is some interesting stuff to buy, I go public shopping

If I want to buy something big like furniture or a refrigerator, I'd do it online.

But most of the time, public shopping. You can actually check the products out in person and evaluate better.

Online, you don't know if the product is in good condition or not. One time, I got a package from Amazon and the product inside was broken.

Never have I gotten so mad in my life.
both, i do like public more though theres just a better feeling randomly encountering something you like and taking it home compared to when you stumble upon something online