Speculations You do realise Zoro can marry Hyiori now

Dont think anyone in the SH will marry, but for sure Hiyori is the future pair of Zoro after the EoS.

He being from a noble house of Wano make this even more likely, if they have a son he could even be the next Shogun after Momo if somehow Momo become a kid again.
I feel sorry for Zoro's future romantic partner, even if he marries anyone his priority will be Luffy first even if platonically.
But I don't think Zoro's the type of guy to marry and settle imo. He is kind of lone wolf who will wander island to island in search of sake and good fight if crew decides to disband.
Luffy wants to be the most free man of the world,he will continue his adventure and zoro will challenge people who wants their title Besides is natural that RHM accompany their captain like Daz bones and crocodile
She's actually cute, but we don't talk about our tastes here.
I just think that if Zoro has to have a girl, the one who suits more for him is Tashigi.
I don't see her as his romance tho, from Zoro's point of view it would be like marrying Kuina. And as I said, she is annoying as fuck, I couldn't care less if she stopped appearing in OP. But as you said, personal preference.