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Again, translation is accurate.

Even in English, you'd say "Potato is my wings!"

You'd normally not say "Potato is my two wings!"

I've never once in my life seen the latter being used two describe a single person in comics or so, either. But that doesn't mean they're talking about potato and someone else if they say "Potato is my two wings!"

It's an odd way to put it, but claiming that it includes Zoro somewhere in the statement of SANJI being called two wings is completely nonsensical unless he is mentioned, as well.

The translation state up said that they did it because it seemed like a throwback to the Databook statement. Really far from proper reasoning.

By that logic, would you agree that Robin was simply calling Sanji the wings and nothing else if official translators say it as such? I'm fairly certain that's the conclusion they'd reach to- the people trying to refer to it as "One of the two wings" are really trying to stretch and twist entire wording.
So you are arguing to make Sanji both of the wings of Luffy? Nice! Thanks! Suck at that Zorobois! :suresure:
Zoro is dead weight :cantseeme:

No, it's not Strength related at all, why do you people translate everything to Strength?
The whole Conversation proves it's not about Strength, cuz Black Maria said "He is No. 2"
Meaning that following Bounties, she assumed he is 2nd Strongest in Crew or 2nd Most Dangerous

But Robin replied that Sanji is one of Luffy's Wings, you think she wanted to say: "No, actually he is No. 3, not 2"
Ofc not, cuz Robin Reply was meant to change focus completely from "Strength" which Black Marie addressed to "Reliability"

Sanji stands out above rest of Crew in his Role, the guy is like "Chief of Staff" or "Hero" or "Sub-Leader" ... etc
Not Strength, please stop these stupid Power Debates, Robin's Statement indicates "Nothing" about Power & Strength of Sanji
You can't be a sub leader, hero, or chief of staff without having the strength to back it up and be able to protect the crew. Yea it doesn't prove that zoro and sanji are equal by a hair, but he ain't being elevated to this role for his cooking and his personality. His strength plays a huge factor into why he has the role he does. Chopper is important, robin franky nami all super important, they still don't have the strength that is needed for a title and a role like this so yea we can definitely take this as a strength indicator.
So you are arguing to make Sanji both of the wings of Luffy? Nice! Thanks! Suck at that Zorobois! :suresure:
Zoro is dead weight :cantseeme:

Not really. Just saying that Robin's statement was just for Sanji, or crew collectively based on JP wording.

Oda has already called both of them wings in SBS, anyway. It's a very old news.

Btw you can go here, the trollers and baiters of both Zoro and Sanji's fandom were posting here. No need to shittalk in this thread which Kuroashi made in attempt to quell toxicity, not initiate it.
With this chapter Robin confirmed Sanji is one of the wings of Pirate King, second wing being Zoro naturally.

I find this to be really cool and Oda once again shut up all Sanji doubters and reinforced the idea of Monster Trio

Wings need to be equal otherwise the bird will fly of balance

Zoro = Sanji
This is now confirmed wrong. Two translations were made clear by the official, undercutting the fighting about them. Black Maria was talking about the bounty of Sanji, not his position. Also, Robin was talking about Sanji as a pair of wings, not one of two. So that argument is now settled.
Who cares? It’s chapter 1020 for Christ sakes and y’all still at it with the delusional obsession over a fictional character. How many sanji and zoro threads are we going to get? Over a simple stupid word as “wings” y’all had a conversation with over one thousand comments.
Already made my thoughts clear on this in the spoiler thread for the chapter but I’ll re-iterate here:
‘両翼’ (Ryoyoku) is term which specifically refers to ‘two wings’ (i.e. the left wing & the right wing). Like Sandman said, using this term to refer to one person is very unnatural. Moreover, Oda has used this exact same term ‘両翼’ to refer to both Sanji & Zoro in an SBS.

For it to have nuance that some of you are alluding to i.e. ‘Sanji is the wings of the Pirate King’, a more appropriate term to use here in Japanese would be ‘翼’ (Tsubasa) which simply means wings.

The most immediate example that comes to mind in this case is the popular Red Bull ad ‘Red Bull gives you wings!’. The Japanese equivalent of this is ‘翼を授ける’ (Tsubasa wo sazukeru)

Like wise if there was someone of special importance in my life that gives me some sort of special significant boost & I wanted to use the metaphor of wings, then I’d use Tsubasa as opposed to ‘Ryoyoku’ and in the case that I have tons of folks that give me some sort of special significant boost and I wanted to use the metaphor of wings, I’d also use Tsubasa as Ryoyoku won’t really make sense here.


We've learned the title for Luffy's top men :stealthblack:

@PuckTheGreat Is that how you write The Pirate Kings Wings ? "Kaizoku-O Ryoyoku" ? :owo: