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Who do you trust?

  • The biased speculations from haters. I don't care about the author and the official sources.

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  • Eichiro Oda, the author, and the Shonen Jump, the official owners and releasers of the series.

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Remember when some funny guys tried to suggest that Zoro, after defeating King, lost his senses because of the energies he needed to use to win the fight, and the damages that he received, and that his victory was something he barely achieving, winning by very high diff if not extreme diff?

Well that's nice and all.
Very unluckily, it seems that Oda and Shonen Jump have a completely different take on the argument. Their point of view is that Zoro ended as the undesputed dominant winner of the fight (so he didn't barely extreme diffed) and that after the fight he fell to the ground because of the after effects of the drug that healed him before (so he didn't faint because of tiredness, received damage and consumpted energies).
Weird, hah?

Big credit to @T.D.A

Well, I guess it's better to trust the official creators and releasers of the series. Unless someone here is better informed than they are, of course. In that case, since they know better than even the official sources, the least these people can do for us is to gently reveal what the One Piece is.

After all, when, after receiving Adv CoC, Zoro defeated King in three hits (one of them being a nameless attack and another a basic Ittoryu attack!), without receiving any damage at all, and without needing to use his strongest move, Ashura (so that would have been a massive overkill), claiming that Zoro's victory against King was more than mid diff, was ludicrous. Yes, overall the fight is a high diff if not very high diff fight; but, after Zoro received Adv CoC, he stomped the YC1. If Current Zoro fought him another time, he would absolutely destroy him.

And, if after finishing the fight Zoro instead of suddenly losing all his strength and fainting against his will (like Sanji did after defeating Queen, for example: the guy couldn't even complete the phrase he started) was fresh enough, in both his mind and body, to make the King of Hell pose and use a move to perform a powerful leap to return on Onigashima, well it was ludicrous to think that he fainted for any other reason that wasn't the after effects of the medicine.

Come on, it was even stated in the manga that he was down because of that. It was clear. Only bias could have people deny that. Shonen Jump's comment basically just stated that was already stated and showed in the manga, it's nothing new. It was blatant already.
It seems that when Zoro is involved, the hate blinds people so much that they can't read basic english.

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Zoro after gaining Advanced Conqueror

- Didn't receive ANY DAMAGE from his opponent
- Dodged, blocked, tanked or overwhelmed EVERYTHING his opponent tried to do
- Defeated his opponent in three hits (and of the three, one being a nameless attack and another being a basic named attack)
- Could hold back his strongest move, that was not needed overkill; therefore Full Power Adv CoC Zoro > Adv CoC Zoro vs King >> King

The entire fight, overall, is high diff, if not very high diff or maybe even extreme diff.
But Adv CoC vs Zoro, meaning Current Zoro vs King, is a low to mid diff victory.
At the beginning Zoro was on the losing end (also because Enma giving him unnecessary trouble). But once he gained control of the sword and unlocked Advanced Haki, he completely overwhelmed King, and what was a losing fight became a stomp in his favour. That's a fact, it's undesputable.

Let's make it clear. Overall, Zoro vs King is an extreme diff fight.
But if you make Current Zoro vs King, Zoro low diffed him. As he overwhelmed everything King tried and defeated him with some basic attacks and a finisher, without even needing to go all out with his strongest move.
Here is the same. Overall, an extreme diff fight. But still Current Zoro is >> King. Because Current Zoro is Adv CoC Zoro from end of chapter 1033 and onward. If you rank Current Zoro, you put him a tier above King, not barely above him.

The gap between Zoro and King, once Zoro gained Advanced Conqueror, became massive.
It wasn't even a fight anymore. It became an one-sided stomp.
Nothing wrong with what has been said in that statement, but Zoro was clearly KOd post-battle by a combination of both mink drug after effects and Enma haki draining effects. Chopper noted that Zoro would take twice the damage he receives after (including that inflicted by King) AND Zoro himself admitted that Enma succ was killing him. So both contributed to his current state. If he died during his battle with King, then that would have 100% been Enma since after effects didn’t start to kick in just yet.

Also can I ask where this source is from? If it’s from magazines other than WSJ like V Jump or OP Fan Magazine, then I wouldn’t really take the statements at face value (even though there’s nothing exactly wrong with what has been said).

Sanji D Goat

Don't think the medicine affects Zoro's performance. If anything, Zoro uses most of his power against King and still have some strength to spare to get back to Onigashima.
It seems that when Zoro is involved, the hate blinds people so much that they can't read basic english.
Friendly tips: The Zoro hate in this forum is not that high, especially when the Zoro wank is so prominent here. If you're bothered by this amount of negativity, which is only a smaller amount, I suggest you view those posters' profile and click Ignore button. Shouldn't take so much effort.
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Anyway, my take on your post/thread is this.

I sincerely believe that the Mink Medicine also acts as a powerup.
How so?
In (Chinese) martial arts stories (there's a lot of example, look it up on, there is this concept of breaking and restructuring. Basically, you got heavily hurt in a fight, but because of that, when you're healing, your injury makes your new body in a better condition instead.

Fundamentally this is the application of the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".
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Don't think the medicine affects Zoro's performance. If anything, Zoro uses most of his power against King and still have some strength to spare to get back to Onigashima.
The medicine made him experience double damage if I recall correctly therefore I guess also for pain that is valid.