Break Week Zoro fans vs AdmiraL fans, who took a bigger L this arc

Well, Zoro fans had expectations and were waiting for 4 years. So that's pretty bad.

Admiral fans didn't have any expecattion, but then Oda gave them in 1053 and took it from them 1 chapter later lol, but he did it in a way that made Admiral fans spend 1 month shitting on Yonkous, just to get a massive L when they comeback.

I think Admirals have the bigger L.

Because Zoro at least got things like Advanced Conqueror's, Defeated King, setup plotline of Wano lineage and Black Blades. Even if there's no payoff, there's something.

Admiral fans only got Ryokugyu here to make Shanks do a promo for Movie RED and look dumb.
Yonko fans.
- Big Mom gets trashed by mid tiers like Franky, Brook and Robin. ( Ran her over and sent her tumbling out of Wano).
- Then by High tiers like Queen, King and Marco. ( Cracked her head, Sent her into the Ocean and made her run away).
- Then by the Roof Top 5 bullying her weapons and throwing her off the island
- Then her strongest combination attacked got tanked by a Mid Tier
- Then she died to Magma which is the element of an Admiral.

- Kaido got PTSD for 20 years against a Dead man
- Kaido got bullied by Mid Tiers and High Tiers. They penetrated his skin, made him scream and bleed.
- Failed to knock them out for more than 15 minutes
- Got shook by a basic Ryou attack
- Failed to knock out a Mid Tier after using AdvCoC
- Supposed to be the most durable, yet screams to fire
- Got stalled for 30 mins by a YC1. Whilst Admirals are negging them
- Died to Magma the Element of an Admiral.

- Whitebeard ran away from fodder marines.

- Buggy who is a subzero lvl fodder is now a Yonko
Yonko fans.

• Linlin's utter humiliation was mercilessly continued with her getting disrespected at every turn, dunked on by numerous characters way below her pay grade (e.g. ten pin bowling Robin and Biker Franky), had a ridiculous amnesia Scooby Doo level story line that served only to use her as a plot device and at the end of it all, she is defeated by a combination of plot convenience and some bombs weaker than what Pre-TS Pell tanked and then drowning in magma.

• Kaido is just a really boring, bland, generically dull character that had his screentime eaten up by fodder like Orochi. Kaido was more of a sentient obstacle than a legitimate character. He fought a bunch of people that nobody cared about and then fought the main character in one of the worst main fights in the entire series.

• Shanks appeared because Oda wants to promote Film Red.

• Buggy as Yonko. :milaugh:
All W for Zoro

Destroyed Hawkins twice

One shot Killer (vc of Kid pirates whose captain's bounty is equal to Luffy)

One shot Apoo to get the medicine n save the alliance

Enma-The sword that can only be controlled by yonko tier like Oden

Got a princess waifu not some slutty 3 eyes

Part of rooftop 5

Saved Luffy 4 times

Cut Kaido's wind attack casually which troubled joyboy

Blocked the strongest combined attack in existence

Made Kaido dodge

Left a scar on Kaido after Oden n made him bleed with 30 broken bones


ACOC- only the very very strongest can have and 2nd SH and 2nd SN

Defeated the strongest 1st yc introduced yet

The invisible hacker King whose durability with flames on=Yonko

3shot King with ACOC and showed the real strength of his ACOC

And Ryuma being said>Joyboy
The greatest swordsman of the past was as strong ot stronger than Joyboy 😳

Holyshit the Ws are too much ☺️☺️☺️☺️
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The only ones that don't have an L are Luffy, Sabo and Law fans. SH, Zoro, Sanji, Kid, Commanders, Yonkou, and Admirals all fell victim to bad writing.

But deep down, the biggest L are from Big Mom and Kid fans, let's agree that these two are the most trolled in debates.
Lol the cope unreal
>Buggy an emperor
legitimate negative tho still a literally gag.
in what context, considering what just happened? Meme at least not scared of her contemporaries!
>Kaidou's 1v1 hype being a hoax (only beat Oden thanks to a distraction, only beat Luffy on the roof cause of distraction)
biggest cope lol, No confirmation Kaido 1-1 hype was a thing during oden battle. An even more weird, Kaido literally was about to beat Luffy distraction or not.