Theory Zoro is the one who's going to kill Kaido.

Zoro is the one who's going to kill Kaido.
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Zoro is associated with a tiger (as well as a Shark in SBS)

Zoro is wearing a Dragon-style Kimono at a festival.. foreshadowing?

The dragon has Zoro fascinated, further alluding to the tiger and dragon mythology.

Japanese themed cover page has a tiger and dragon drawn, alluding to it having some sort of future relevance in One Piece's Japanese themed arc, Wano.
Stephen Paul's translation of Chapter 190
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Well, since Luffy doesn't kill, it's very likely for Zoro to kill him, giving his Ryuma/Oden parallels
It's between him and Kidd imo. I'd say the chances right now are:

50% Zoro kills Kaido.
40% Kidd kills Kaido.
10% Somebody else kills Kaido OR Kaido doesn't die.

Gotta give that 10% because Oda can be really unpredictable at times. I really don't see Blackbeard killing Kaido though, that would just be Marineford 2.0...


3 months later & I am now 90% sure Zoro will kill Kaido.
Kidd is such an obvious red herring, he's said "I will kill Kaido" so many times now I just cannot see him doing it. It has be either Zoro, a 3rd party from outside of Wano, or Kaido lives.
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Blackbeard will come to Wano when Kaido is alredy defeated and he will use it to kill Kaido (like in Mareanford with Whitbeard) and eate his DF. If Kaido's toughness is because of his DF then the only one who can kill him is BB since he can nullify any DF abilities and since BB has only one weakness (the necessity to take damage) it would have a lot more sense for him to acquire Kaido's DF etc.
haha :D maybe yes but it is still the realistic scenerio Luffy is the one who will defeat Kaido no matter what fans wish , Luffy has the power ups , and has always got the main opponent and he usually don't get help. Doffy was different he let Law fight him since he knew the reason for that.
Law had to fight Doffy.

They had bad blood to figure out. Law wouldn't be a man if he didn't get any shots in.


Law had to fight Doffy.

They had bad blood to figure out. Law wouldn't be a man if he didn't get any shots in.
yes that is why Luffy let him fight Doffy and even was ok with Law killing Doffy if he could.
so in Wano really only Luffy is the one who really wants to defeat Kaido, Zoro wants Oroch's head
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I agree here, I think Orochi will be Zoros end game of Wano, not Kaido. Too big of fish for Zoro.

It's just fan boys with their cursed dicks in the air, wanting Zoro to be something more than he is saying hes gonna finish Kaido.
for me it is not about how big is Kaido , it is more about Luffy is the one who always fight the strongest leader


Well its going 3 rounds with Luffy and Kaido.

So of course the fanboys of Zoro Club needs to come out eventually, like Sanji coming out of the closet and saying his female love is a cover up.
well for sure Luffy is gonna have hard time and to be honest among the alliance he is on hin own league power-wise
since he has by far the best haki
and Zoro will have a hard time against King , and will have to have to evolve to be able to defeat him he will not have the time to fight Kaido as well.