Future Events Zoro & Killer won’t survive

I am back :noo:

I just had to post this because many fans are getting hyped to the extreme thinking zoro and killer are going to play a part other than playing the background character that gets crushed soon to make the alliance side suffer major loses from the yonkos

For example we saw this happening versus enel ... zoro and robin looked all good until robin get her head boiling and zoro got his face stepped on by his daddy

history does repeat itself, that what robin said or we could say oda said ... I don’t want to waste my time talking about how repetitive this manga is.

guys you should not really get so hyped like this , at least think of the possibility of it or else we will get disappointed like never especially the hardcore zoro fans

ANYWAYS now my theory is having some nice updates as expected :watchout:

cp 0 is there , they will definitely play a part and this has to be somehow connected with garp and sword... that’s where things will start to really get to the core

-kaido and mama destroying the alliance next time we see them after they get serious

- THIRD PARTY comes in to balance things out... garp vs big mom starts ending with his death and big mom counties to elbaf

- killer was humiliated to the mud, it’s only about time he gets raped to death causing kid to go wild and powe

- zoro was sanjis rival ... he is not going to survive this shit ... smoothie enters after big mom commands to kill the straw hats... zoro’s real typical sword fight begins

law, kid and luffy vs kaido and yeah...
4 chapters in since chapter 1,000 and people still shit on Zoro.:josad:
It's the "next chapter" theory, every next chapter Zoro is supposed to go down according to some experts when in fact every next chapter he is being more impressive :zosmug:
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Finally LKZ ( Linlin kill Zoro ) and KKK ( Kaido kill Killer) are recognized
Make it KKKK then, Kaido Kills Kidd and Killer:goyea:

Yeah the manga is clearly telling us Zoro will be dropping out not like he isn't carrying this fight alongside Luffy impressing emperors. I see no parallels with Luffy here either it's all about the captains who are all getting it all. I'm so jealous if only those captains didn't make it up to the roof:josad:
They are just having fun... can’t you see how many times they laughed it off ? Especially kaido who is obsessed with death
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Sword is a secret marine e group no way cp0 knows about them. Also not expecting much from those guys they are definitely weaker than Lucci. Though I am wondering if their job is to not just assess new bounties then they might get steal something important at the end of arc.
Cp0 and sword have a history... garp can be connected easily through this
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Even I wouldnt go so low.... Zoro is cheerleder in this fight and will allways be till the end... while Wanji fight King
Agree but sanji not fighting king though