Questions & Mysteries Zoro returns from underworld with what PU ?

What are the PUs Zoro getting after he returns ?

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° Well ppl who think Zoro won't return this thread isn't for you but you can keep coping while we discuss what Zoro gets after returning from death .
well ppl who thinks Zoro isn't returning read this thanks to @HA001
You sort of stole the thread I was gonna make but I'll just add it here.

It's basically shows why zoro is definitely getting up with a power up.

Let's start with the most important panel

Death is what completes a person

And weve literally seen this happen
Not only someone "die" but get a power up and come back stronger.

Let's jump straight to the obvious example


Here luffy becomes complete after death.

First he dies

Death completes a person

Then he comes back stronger and awakens as the Warrior of liberation

As nika

Now funnily enough the exact same thing happened (albeit on a smaller scale)
To sanji

Remember Death completes a person


Sanji should have been dead here to the brachio snake
Queen even expects him to be so when he drops him

But no once again

He awakens instead this time
It's the Warrior of Science

And he now has an exoskeleton awakened

And finally we have zoro

Finally we have zoro faced with a reaper a literal manifestation of death after taking x2 of what he took since the roof.
With both chopper and franky questioning if he is going to or is dead.

A coincidence that he is also going through death ?

Of course not

As kaido said death completes a person.

Zoro is also getting up stronger than before
Probably with his own
Warrior of Chapter like the other 2 have had.
Whether it be Warrior of death/hell/wano whatever that remains to be seen
But he will get stronger
A black enma is probably on its way.

Zoro is by no means done.

On a side note as far as the actual power up he's getting is
The best place to look is this colour page

Where so far Robins demon form
Luffys nika hair
Sanji is apparently a cyborg

So maybe zoro has something to do with the zelda/link chap.
° Now since you read let's start our thread :

• As ppl know Oda foreshadowed a lot of PUs in this cover page :

° Robin got that Devil form while Luffy got something related to the fighter shown in the cover with flame but what we are concerned about here is Zoro .
° Zoro is shown as Legendary swordman Link with his great sword now if we wants to take things seriously Zoro and Link got something in their backstory which is similar both of them were progidies while being kids they were stronger than Grown adults .

but what i noticed is his great sword is similar to enma

Master sword accepts its master after trials after it tests His wielder's courage / wisdom / Power .

° Enma testing Zoro's courage :
if he goes all out with his Haki drained to death or not

° Enma testing his wisdom :
By knowing that enma didn't try to kill its wielder but it just testing him .

° Enma testing his power :
knowing that If its wielder can use him or not

Yeah great similarities we got for enma and Master sword as we have seen but that's not the main topic , Master sword of Link was known for its sacred flame as the main ability that eliminates foes or any evils .

° We all know that Zoro is always interested for fires either pre ts when he used it against Mr 5 or when he met Kinemon .

( Check Editor's note )

That's why i think Zoro is getting beside Black blade Hell flame after he visits the underworld and returns as a Winner against Death .
we already got brook who visited underworld getting Ice element from there :

° So When Zoro returns he is getting some OP flame from Underworld that gonna be a crazy PU .

End .

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There does to be a fire theme surrounding Zoro and the Kozuki family lately. The latest chapter featured Hiyori watching on as Orochi was burned alive, Toki and her children were trapped in a burning castle and Oden was boiled over a massive flame. Similarly Zoro mastered the art of cutting fire and cut down a massive magma/fire dragon made by King, whose racial trait involves fire. Wouldn’t be surprised if his next powerup was CoC infused hellfire or something similar.