Zoro vs Kaido bet thread.

Zoro vs Kaido bet thread. You guys knows how it goes. Whoever loses has to wear embrassing and demeaning AVs and winners get to decide.

Their are three options. If you do not pick the winning one.....you are a loser.

1.) Zoro defeats Kaido.
2.) Zoro injures Kaido/ Gets to tag team/what not
3.) Zoro gets stomped does no damage or never even meets him.

- Weird things such as if both sides win = Zoro injures Kaido before but doesnt tag team. Means nothing happens.

Pick a side.

You MUST decide !

I say number 3 !
I say number two.

Zoro will cut Kaido but will not defeat him. It will be Luffy or all WG combined.

Add me in this very moment. I am ready to wear embarrassing avy for Zoro if I got this wrong especially in case of number one.

Also, specify the time for one has to wear avy after losing the bet.
You'll be a pretty shit Zoro fan if number 1 is true.

3 will be closest to the truth, Supreme Sanji fan chrono
Good boi !